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India-WRISWater Resources Information System of India Project Documents

S.NName of the documentDownload Link
1India-WRIS Brochurepdf.png
2Data Processing and Analysis Guidelinespdf.png
3Software Design and Development Planpdf.png
4Software Quality Assurance Documentpdf.png
5India-WRIS Metadata standardspdf.png

Basin Reports

Basin Report describes present status of water resources development in terms of major water resources projects, hydro-meteorological observations, surface & ground water development scenario, topographic characteristics, climatic variability, land use / land cover pattern & allied natural resources along with socio-economic profile of all river basins of India.

S.NName of Basin ReportDownload Link
1Indus Basinpdf.png
2Ganga Basinpdf.png
3Brahmaputra Basinpdf.png
4Barak and Otherspdf.png
5Godavari Basinpdf.png
6Krishna Basinpdf.png
7Cauvery Basinpdf.png
8Subernarekha Basinpdf.png
9Brahmani and Baitarni Basinpdf.png
10Mahanadi Basinpdf.png
11Pennar Basinpdf.png
12Mahi Basinpdf.png
13Sabarmati Basinpdf.png
14Narmada Basinpdf.png
15Tapi Basinpdf.png
16WFR Tapi to Tadripdf.png
17WFR Tadri to Kanyakumaripdf.png
18EFR Mahanadi and Pennar pdf.png
19EFR Pennar and Kanyakumaripdf.png
20WFR Kutch Saurashtrapdf.png
21Area of Inland drainage in Rajasthanpdf.png
22Minor Riverspdf.png


River Basin Atlas of India

This is a comprehensive publication which gives detailed information of major water resources projects along with the location of all hydrological observation sites including major dams, barrages etc. in all the river basins of India.

Watershed Atlas of India

‘Watershed Atlas of India’ is one of the major outcomes of the India –WRIS project. It depicts distribution of watersheds in basins and sub-basins of the country along with its major water resource assets, hydrological observatories, terrain characteristics, rainfall variability and land use/land cover.

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