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Index Map of National Waterways-4

Kakinada-Puducherry canal stretch (767km) along with Godavari River stretch (171km) between (Bhadrachalam and Rajhamundry) and Krishna River stretch(157km) between (Wazirabad and Vijaywada) is termed as NWNational Waterway-4.Total length of NW-4 is 1095 km. A network of irrigation cum navigation canal linking Chennai and Ennore Ports in Tamil Nadu with the Kakinada Port,and Ma­chlipatnam Ports in Andhra Pradesh runs through a distance of 618 kms. The Kakinad canal and Eluru canal and Commamur canal which are irrigation cum navigation canal also interlink the two major river systems of Godavari and Krishna. The Buckingham canal which interlinks the Commamur canal with Chennai port runs through a distance of 315 Km is tidal.
In view of the port hinterland connection, interstate and inter city traffic potential and the historic data on IWTInland Water Transport move­ment, development of this waterway into an efficient IWT system is envisaged during the 9th Five Year Plan. Further integrated canal also connect the Chennai city with the Mercunam through the south Buckingham canal and Cooum river runs through a distance of 103 kms.

Detailed Project Report (DPRDetailed Project Report) for this new NW was prepared by M/s WAPCOS. Based on the DPR, a consolidated project in PIB format had been submitted to Govt. and the same is under consideration by the Govt. for sanction.

Salient Features of National Waterways-4

NameNational Waterway-4
Date of declarationDeclared on 25th Nov. 2008
Total length1095 km
Stretch Details
  • Kakinada-Puducherry Canal-767 Km
  • Godavari River( Bhadrachalam – Rajmundry)171 Km
  • Krishna River(Wazirabad- Vijayawada)-157 Km
OwnerInland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI)
OperatorCentral Inland Water Transport Corporation (CIWTC)
Sea openingMarina beach, Adyar, Muthukadu, Kalpakkam (Ediyuru), Palar, Paramankani Kuppam and Markanam
ObstaclesTotal 48 locks (Kakinada Canal-6 nos; Godavari Eluru Canal-1; North and South Buckingham Canal-29 nos; Krishna river-1 ; Krishna Eluru Canal-4 nos; Commamur Canal-7 nos)
Navigational AidsAn on board instrument, device, chart, method, etc., intended to assist in the navigation.National Waterways 4 and 5, IWAI initiated the proposals for development in July 2010. Techno-economic studies for establishment of National Waterways NW-4 was done by Water And Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS), a subsidiary of Ministry of Water Resources.The developmental works for NW-4 involve the widening of canal, dredging, excavation, bank protection, construction and repair of locks, modification of bridges and roads, navigational aids, and setting up of IWT terminals.
Important Terminals15 terminals-Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Kottapatnam, Maipadu, Durgarajupatnam, Muktiyala, Ennore(South), Muthukadu, Marakanam, Puducherry, Bhadrachalam, Wazirabad, Vijayawada, Tadepaligudam
Transport11 million tonne per annum
(Coal on Godavari river, Cement on Krishna river, Rice in both Krishna and Godavari). In this canal waterway, the major commodities used to be transported were coal , rice, food grains, cement, salt, sand, forest products, paddy, pulse, building materials and other bulk cargo etc. by country crafts of 30 to 40 tonnes capacity.
Navigation canal portion of NW-4Kakinada Canal, Eluru Canal, Commamur Canal and Buckingham Canal
Land AcquisitionLand Acquisition Details (State-wise)-

Tamil Nadu - 300 Ha
Andhra Pradesh -1380 Ha
Puducherry - 27 Ha

Estimated cost of land acquisition - Rs. 391 Crore
DredgingIn canals - 20 million cum at an estimated cost of Rs. 333 Crore
Period of Completion7 years
Estimated Cost (at 2009 prices)Phase-1-

Rs. 609 crore for the development of stretch comprising of Godavari & Krishna rivers, and Kakinada & Eluru canals estimated cost of Rs.390 Crore & land acquisition for remaining stretch at an estimated cost of Rs.219 crore.

Rs..906 crore for development of North & South Buckingham Canal, Commamur canal & Kaluvelly Tank.
EIRRPhase - I 34.63%
Entire waterway 16.12%
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