Large Dams in India

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As per International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) Specification
a) length of crest of the dam is not less than 500 metres or
b) capacity of the reservoir formed by the dam is not less than one million cubic metres or
c) the maximum flood discharge dealt with by the dam is not less than 2000 cubic metres per second or
d) the dam has specially difficult foundation problems, or
e) the dam is of unusual design

On review on consideration of “height” for arriving at whether dam is in category of Large dam or not the above definition has been retained for dams other than Earthen and Rock fill dams. For Earthen and Rock fill dams following definition of large dams has been adopted from "IS 12169-1987- criteria for design of small embankment dams" for inclusion under NRLD.

Large Dam

A dam exceeding 15m in height above deepest river bed level and a dam between 10 and 15 m height provided volume of earthwork exceeds 0.75 million m3 and storage exceeds 1 million m3 or the maximum flood discharge exceeds 2000 cumecs."

Large Dams
[height >=50 m]
#Name of DamStructure PurposeRiverNearest CityStateBasinYear of CompletionType of DamLength of Dam (m)Max Height above Foundation (m)Design Gross Storage Capacity (MCM)Structure Code
1Tehri Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationBhagirathiPratapnagarUttarakhandGanga2005Earthen / Gravity & Masonry575260.53540D00742
2Lakhwar Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationYamunaDehradunUttarakhandGangaEarthen / Gravity & Masonry451204587.84D00723
3Idukki (Eb)/Idukki Arch Dam HydroelectricPeriyarTodupulaiKeralaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1974Gravity & Masonry3661691998.57D03331
4Bhakra Dam Hydroelectric,Irrigation,RecreationSatlujBilaspurHimachal PradeshIndus up to International Border1963Earthen / Gravity & Masonry518.16167.649867.84D00993
5Pakal Dul Dam HydroelectricMarusudarKishtwarJammu & KashmirIndus up to International BorderEarthen / Gravity & Masonry305167.1254D02983
6Sardar Sarover Gujarat Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationNarmadaRajpiplaGujaratNarmadaGravity & Masonry12101639500D03023
7Srisailam (N.S.R.S.P) Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationKrishnaNandikotkurTelanganaKrishna1984Earthen5121458724.88D00557
8Ranjit Sagar Dam Flood Control,Hydroelectric,IrrigationRaviPathankotPunjabIndus up to International Border1999Earthen6171453280D03535
9Baglihar Dam HydroelectricCHENABRambanJammu & KashmirIndus up to International Border2009Gravity & Masonry364.362143475D03079
10Chamera I Dam HydroelectricRaviBhattiyatHimachal PradeshIndus up to International Border1994Earthen / Gravity & Masonry295140242.3D00589
11Cheruthoni (Eb) Dam HydroelectricCheruthoniTodupulaiKeralaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1976Earthen / Gravity & Masonry651138.381998.57D03326
12Pong Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationBeasDera GopipurHimachal PradeshIndus up to International Border1974Earthen / Gravity & Masonry1950.7132.598570D00579
13Jamrani Dam IrrigationGolaNaini TalUttarakhandGanga1990Gravity & Masonry465130.6D01161
14Subansiri Lower HE (Nhpc) Dam HydroelectricSubansiriLower SubansiriArunachal PradeshBrahmaputra2014Gravity & Masonry2841301643D00004
15Ramganga Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationRamgangaLansdowneUttarakhandGanga1974Earthen630127.52448D01125
16Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationKrishnaGuruzalaTelanganaKrishna1974Earthen4865124.6611553D00690
17Kakki (Eb) Dam HydroelectricKakkiRaniKeralaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1966Earthen / Gravity & Masonry336.19116.13454.07D03369
18Nagi Dam IrrigationNagiJamuiBiharGanga1958Earthen1884113.5108D01205
19Salal (Rockfill And Concrete ) Dam HydroelectricChenabGool Gulab GarhJammu & KashmirIndus up to International Border1986Earthen / Gravity & Masonry48711328.5D03068
20Lakhya Dam Water StorageLakhya holeMudigereKarnatakaKrishna1994Earthen1048108273.79D05812
21Sholayar Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationSholayarPollachiTamil NaduWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1971Earthen / Gravity & Masonry1244.18105.16152.48D00314
22Koyna Dam HydroelectricKoynaPatanMaharashtraKrishna1964Earthen807.72103.022980.69D05104
23Idamalayar (Eb) Dam HydroelectricIdamalayarDevikolamKeralaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1985Earthen / Gravity & Masonry3731021208.23D03183
24Supa Dam HydroelectricKali NadiSupaKarnatakaWest flowing rivers from Tapi to Tadri1987Gravity & Masonry331.291014178D04595
25Karjan Dam IrrigationKarjanRajpiplaGujaratNarmada1987Earthen / Gravity & Masonry903100630D01195
26Kulamavu (Eb) Dam HydroelectricKilivillithodeTodupulaiKeralaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1977Gravity & Masonry3851001998.57D03334
27Koteshwar Dam HydroelectricBhagirathiPratapnagarUttarakhandGangaGravity & Masonry300.597.588.9D00823
28Lower : PPSP Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationKistobazar nallaPuruliyaWest BengalSubarnarekhaRockfill3109516D00654
29Doyang Hep Dam Hydroelectric,Water StorageDoyangWokhaNagalandBrahmaputraEarthen46292565D01456
30Rihand Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationRihandDudhiUttar PradeshGanga1962Gravity & Masonry93291.4610608.32D00726
31Indira Sagar (NHDC) Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationNarmadaKhandwaMadhya PradeshNarmada2006Earthen / Gravity & Masonry65491.412220D02080
32Warna Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationVarnaShahuwadiMaharashtraKrishna2000Earthen / Gravity & Masonry158088.8974.188D02976
33Bhatsa Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationBhatsa and chornaShahapurMaharashtraWest flowing rivers from Tapi to Tadri1983Earthen / Gravity & Masonry95988.5976.1D02993
34Pillur Dam HydroelectricBhavaniMettuppalaiyamTamil NaduCauvery1967Gravity & Masonry3578844.4D00755
35Upper Kodayar Dam HydroelectricKodayarKalkulamTamil NaduWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1972Gravity & Masonry1668898.51D00785
36Minimata (Hasdeo) Bango Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationHasdeoKatghoraChhattisgarhMahanadi1990Earthen / Gravity & Masonry554.5873417D01063
37Jakham Main Dam IrrigationJakham (mahi)PratapgarhRajasthanMahi1986Gravity & Masonry25387142.02D00426
38Teesta -V (NHPC) Dam HydroelectricTeestaNorthSikkimBrahmaputra2007Gravity & Masonry176.586.813.5D01535
39Lower Ghatghar Dam HydroelectricShahi NallaShahapurMaharashtraWest flowing rivers from Tapi to Tadri2007Gravity & Masonry44986.143.21D05100
40Kallada (Parappar) (Id) Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationKalladaPattanapuramKeralaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1986Gravity & Masonry33585.35524D03104
41Madupetty (Eb) Dam HydroelectricPalarDevikolamKeralaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1957Earthen / Gravity & Masonry237.7485.3455.4D03460
42Parbati II Dam HydroelectricParbatiKulluHimachal PradeshIndus up to International BorderGravity & Masonry101.5856.55D01007
43Chakra Dam IrrigationChakraHosanagaraKarnatakaWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1985Rockfill57084222.6D05615
44Bandardhara Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationParavaraAkolaMaharashtraGodavari1926Gravity & Masonry271782.35312.6D03191
45Lower Vaitarna Dam Water StorageVaitarnaShahapurMaharashtraWest flowing rivers from Tapi to Tadri1954Gravity & Masonry567.0782204.98D05130
46Ukai Dam Flood Control,Hydroelectric,IrrigationTapiSongadhGujaratTapi1972Earthen / Gravity & Masonry4927818510D01004
47Upper Aliyar Dam HydroelectricAliyarPollachiTamil NaduWest flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari1971Gravity & Masonry3158126.57D00771
48Aruna Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationArunaVaibhavwadiMaharashtraWest flowing rivers from Tapi to TadriEarthen124080.4193.378D03202
49Upper Bhavani Dam HydroelectricBhavaniUdagamandalamTamil NaduCauvery1965Gravity & Masonry41980101.2D00756
50Podagada Dam Hydroelectric,IrrigationPodagadaNabarangapurOdishaGodavari1996Earthen46277.52300D01021
(Source: India-WRIS WebGIS)

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