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Ken Betwa Link Project proposes to divert the surplus waters of river Ken through Ken-Betwa link canal to river Betwa for meeting water requirements in the water deficit Betwa basin. The proposal includes construction of a dam across the Ken river upstream of the existing Gangau Weir, for storing and transferring of the waters through a link canal from Ken river to Betwa river. The quantity of water proposed to be diverted from Ken basin, after considering inbasin demands and downstream commitments (viz. 1375 Mm3 for Madhya Pradesh and 850 Mm3 for Uttar Pradesh), is 1020 Mm3. The proposed Ken-Betwa link project envisages the following works:

The command envisaged in the earlier proposed Ken Multipurpose Project (KMPP) by Madhya Pradesh State Government is also to be irrigated from this project. Apart from drinking water facility & enroute irrigation of 47000 ha in Chhatarpur&Tikamgarh districts of Madhya Pradesh and Hamirpur& Jhansi districts of Uttar Pradesh, provision for downstream commitments of 1375 Mm3 for M.P. and 850 Mm3 of water for U.P. has also been kept.

The total cost of the link project has been estimated as Rs. 1988.74 crore (1994-95 price level) comprising Rs. 991.07 crore for Main Project (Unit-I: Head works Rs. 367.92 crore, Unit-II: Canals Rs. 572.44 crore and Unit-III: Power Rs. 50.72 crore). The cost of canal system is Rs. 554.11 crore for Ken command (i.e. KMPP) and the estimated cost of four projects is Rs. 443.55 crore for Betwa command. The schedule of construction of the link project is planned for a period of 9 years including pre-construction year.

The annual benefits accrued from the project are estimated to be in the order of Rs. 449.79 crore(1994-95 price level).The Benefit-Cost ratio for the Ken-Betwa link project as a whole has been computed based on the corresponding annual costs and annual benefits from this project, which comes to 1.87. The internal rate of return (I.R.R.) of the project works out to 13.00%.

Source:National Water Development Agency (NWDA)

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